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The movie chosen to analyse the award won is "Batman: The Dark Knight". I'm analysing Heath Ledger and how he won best supporting actor as a villain in a super-hero film. It is no secret that "The Dark Knight" is one of the most viewed super-films over the past ten years. At first it was just because it was the sequel to the first movie starring Christian Bale. Later on however it became really famous for the role of The Joker played by Heath Ledger. Not only he won the Oscar for best supporting actor, but he OD'd the before day the movie was released and that made the movie more valuable. The role that he plays as The Joker is a lot more violent and different than the one played by Jack Nicholson. This Joker is more real, you feel scared while watching the movie. In order to produce such an efficient role, Heath Ledger had to do some intense preparation. Sources tell that he locked himself in a room for one month in order to shape the character. In that room, he let his hair grow out, read all the comics and watched all the movies and series that included the Joker character. He dried his mouth for weeks to get the right voice and drugged himself to be part of the character in the real world. The preparation for each scene was so exhausting, that during practice cuts he wouldn't give it 100% and it is said that he improvised a lot during the filming. Most of his improvisations were so good and fit to the character that the director decided to leave them. All this makes part of the why he received his award. Actors have to go through a lot of trouble to to make the moves and to say that the actor was born to play the character is probably the best compliment an actor can get. The judges from the Oscars saw all the trouble that he went to through to get hold of the character, and the final product of the movie is an excellent piece of acting. In the end, it didn't matter that it was a super-hero film and that he was the villain, Ledger's performance was so good that he won the award even though he was dead. 


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